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The ramblings of a rambler

A Ramblers ramblings

Disjointed ramblings - ranging from food to house renovations; from animals to holidays; from gardening to technology.

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20th Apr 2021
Powerful Overrides

Powerful Overrides

The Typhoon theme has powerful page-level overrides that let you customize the look of each page. Child pages will then use any parent's settings as overrides before falling back to the theme-level defaults. This allows you to easily give your blog post some bling.

9th Oct 2020 - Tasha Maxwell
Text & Typography

Text & Typography

The Typhoon theme is powered by the Tailwind CSS framework which is a modern utility-based CSS framework. It provides utility classes for almost every possible CSS style element, but it also provides some basic built-in styling for for common HTML tags such as those that are output by Markdown content from Grav.

9th Oct 2020

» DF Style Article Link

The Typhoon blog skeleton also supports Daring Fireball style link posts. Simply add a link setting in your page header:

link: http://daringfireball.net

And your blog title becomes a link directly to that link you specified. Easy peasy!

8th Oct 2020

Random Thoughts

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22nd Aug 2020